Do You Have Hearing Loss?

1. Hearing loss cuts you off from other people and can result in: 
depression, withdrawal from social life, loneliness, anger, decreased personal safety, cognitive decline, and poor health.

2. Seniors with untreated hearing loss report a lower quality of life than those without hearing loss, or those who wear hearing aids.

3. Those who experience age-related hearing loss quite often find that their family relationships suffer due to their inability to hear adequately or fully participate in conversations.

4. People with hearing loss remember verbal information less well.

5. Seniors with untreated hearing loss are 3-times more likely to suffer falls.

6. Social isolation due to untreated hearing loss has been linked to higher rates of cognitive decline in the elderly.

7. Studies show that those who seek treatment for hearing loss early, greatly reduce their risk of depression.

8. A survey by the Better Hearing Institute found that 9 out of 10 people reported a significant improvement in their quality of life after receiving hearing aids.

9. Recent studies released confirm a strong correlation between mental health and hearing health.

10. Among those with hearing loss, the ones that used hearing aids had better cognitive function over time than those that did not.

11. There is such a thing as “hearing loss fatigue” – resulting in exhaustion and low energy.

12. Untreated hearing loss can lead to increased irritability, anxiety, depression, and a greater risk for developing dementia.

13. You should treat any sudden hearing loss as a medical emergency. Sudden hearing loss is something that needs to be treated within 72 hours for there to be any hope of a full recovery, or at least, increased chance of recovery.

14. Did you know that you can transfer your existing hearing aid warranties and service packages at no cost?

15. Current smokers have a 70% increased risk of having hearing loss than non-smokers.

16. There is a significant association between high blood pressure and untreated hearing loss.

17. More than half of those with chronic kidney disease have hearing loss.

18. 90% of people with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) also have hearing loss.

19. Hearing loss is the 3rd-most occurring condition in older adults.

20. Hearing aid use helps prevent accelerated cognitive decline.

21. Hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes.

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