Hearing Services

We offer a variety of services to improve your hearing health

Complete Hearing Assessment

A complete hearing assessment, using our state-of-the-art testing equipment, will be provided at no charge. You are invited to bring a family member or other loved-one with you to this appointment, which will last approximately 1 hour.

You will be provided with a detailed explanation of the results of your hearing assessment immediately following the testing, and if a hearing loss has been detected, various options from ear wax removal, physician referral, annual monitoring, and appropriate communication strategies to the need for and benefits of hearing aid devices will be thoroughly explored.

Hearing Tests Should Be Performed at 55 Years of Age or Earlier.

Hearing Aid Selection

If testing results indicate that hearing aid devices are an appropriate consideration, we will discuss all of your options and work together to find the best solution from our extensive line of proven hearing products, with competitive pricing and a 90-day trial period, for you, your lifestyle and your budget.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have made a decision to purchase hearing devices, a fitting appointment will be scheduled. We encourage you to bring a family member or loved one with you to this appointment, which will last approximately 1 hour. At this appointment, time will be taken to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new devices, have a good understanding of realistic expectations, are hearing well, are shown everything you need to know to wear and care for your new devices with confidence, and any questions you may have are adequately answered. Testing will also be done to verify that your new hearing aids are programmed and working optimally for your specific needs enabling you to rediscover the joy of sound.

At the conclusion of this appointment, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled for approximately 2 weeks. Additional follow-up appointments will be scheduled as need determines, including a check-up every 6 months.
In addition to any appointments that may be scheduled at the clinic, we encourage you to contact us at any time with questions, concerns, or the request for an appointment. We are here for you and we fully intend to travel this journey together with you.

Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair

Hearing Aid cleaning and repair options are included with all new hearing aid purchases. If you are a client of thehearingcenter, regular maintenance appointments will be scheduled to help ensure your devices are always performing their best. A variety of adjustments can easily be made as needed throughout the lifetime of your devices.

If you wear hearing aids that were purchased elsewhere, but you are not satisfied with your ability to hear with them, we will clean them, make any necessary programming adjustments, verify their output, and make any pertinent recommendations.

On-going Hearing Health and Hearing Aid Care

Once a hearing loss has been diagnosed, it is important to continue regular hearing assessments to monitor any changes that may occur with either your hearing or your overall ear health, whether or not you wear hearing aids. Hearing re-checks are scheduled by a recall system and are provided at no charge.

Hearing aid cleaning and programming adjustments will be provided for the lifetime of the device, regardless of where the device was purchased. Using the results of regular hearing assessments, we will be able to ensure your hearing devices are programmed for optimum benefit.

Did you know that you can transfer your existing hearing aid warranties and service packages at no cost? Just another way we are making it easy for you to support your local community and to choose your preferred service provider.

Assistance with Funding Applications

We will help you maneuver through the application process to determine if you qualify for ADP, WSIB, VAC, or ODSP funding, and work together with you to find the best hearing solution for you and your lifestyle.

Hearing Protection

Custom-fit earmolds are available for swimmers, musicians, those who spend time in noisy environments, and those who have difficulty sleeping due to distracting noise.

Payment options are available. Don’t let a concern about cost prevent you from rediscovering the joy of sound – we have solutions for every budget.

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