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Winter 2020

“This is so interesting, love it.”

Fall 2019

“What a delight to find in my inbox. I love your approach to life. Live with intention has a very special meaning to the me. You got me on that!

Keep up all the personal care and interest in others.”

“Enjoyed your very first newsletter.

I am trying to live my best life and my intentions are to explore life after 50. (I have a head start) I will be focused on watching for those curveballs.

I was sorry to hear of your troubles, but, that you are doing great and also look great. You have had good support from that Hottie from Gads hill.

On the noon hour news today there was a person talking about hearing loss. It may be on again at 5 or 6pm. I love seeing your ads pop up. eg. The two girls sipping on hot chocolate in mauve mugs. Always puts a smile on my face, wondering what you will come up with next.

Keep up the good work, with those beautiful smiles and pleasant personalities, you should have customers knocking down your doors.

From, just one of your loyal customers.”

“Thank you for the JOYFUL SOUNDS news notes and a “catch-up”. A superb piece of work.

I doubt I was near the clinic in July, we were in Newfoundland, so I was unaware of your medical challenges. With all of that you’ve been a busy, patient lady, mom and wife. You’re a good model for the rest of us. It’s not a lot of fun, but that journey is behind you.

Good health and healing. Thank you for being there.

The clinic would also never be the same without Shelly – I know you know that.”

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