Custom Ear Plugs

Hearing Protection

Sentinal Noise PlugNoise Plugs (Sentinal)

Custom fit solid ear plugs provide maximum noise protection from excessive noise levels from all types of industry and recreational activities. A good choice when reduction in sound is most important rather than the need to communicate while wearing.

Noice Reduction Rating: 26 dB

Noise Braker Ear PlugNoise Braker

Similar to a noise plug but with a small sound bore drilled through with a small filtering device inside to allow for sound reduction while maintaining the ability to hear some low frequency sound. A good choice when you require noise protection but still need to communicate while wearing.

Noise Reduction Rating: 20 dB

Musician's Ear PlugsMusician’s Plugs

Custom fit ear plugs designed to protect hearing while preserving all the subtleties and richness of music. A special filter provides a smooth, flat attenuation to ensure that music and speech sounds exactly as it would in the ear without an ear plug, but at a lower and safer loudness level.

As musicians practice and perform in a variety of different settings and can be exposed to high levels of sound over long periods, they require different amounts of hearing protection depending on the sound levels they encounter, as indicated in the following chart:

Musician Ear Plug Comparison

Ear Plug Attenuation

Sleep Ear PlugSleep Plugs

A custom fit, solid sleep plug made of a soft material. This allows for a comfortable sleep while reducing background noise. These are available in a variety of colours.

Swim Molds

Custom fit, water-proof swim molds are ideal in protecting against water exposure for children and adults prone to ear infections, or who have tubes in their ears or ear drum damage. They are made of a soft silicon material providing an excellent seal to keep most water out. Available in many different colours and options.

Swim Ear Plugs


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